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Tim Langhorn – Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Counselling Therapist and Children’s Therapist

Tim Langhorn is a professional therapist and life coach offering children’s counselling, children’s hypnotherapy as well as adult hypnotherapy and counselling therapy. Tim offers behavioural and psychological therapy from his consulting room in the City of Bath. The therapy Tim offers can help you manage your emotions, deal with unnecessary behaviour and alleviate the anxiety which is so prevalent when issues occur. Tim has been living and working in Bath for many years and offers therapy to adults and children alike. Anxiety is at the heart of many symptoms or conditions faced by people who engage in the therapy Tim offers in Bath.

Qualified and experienced Counselling Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Since 1982 Tim Langhorn has been offering therapy to adults and counselling to children in a variety of settings and to people of varying ages. Tim’s experience has enabled him to fine tune the therapy he now offers you, at his practice in Bath. Your anxiety may be one which interferes with everyday life or social gatherings. It may be that your anxiety has led you to create a habit you now wish to stop. Unresolved emotions can cause stress and anxiety which in turn can lead to an ever-deepening depressive state of mind. The therapy Tim offers can help you understand your anxiety and learn to find new ways to overcome the unnecessary anxiety you feel. So why not call Tim today on Bath (01225) 317 813, to arrange your initial session or consultation. For anyone wishing to find out more about hypnotherapy, the consultation is free.

How Tim Langhorn Can Help You

Therapy and Coaching for Adults

Tim Langhorn works in the City of Bath, just on the outskirts of the city centre, with ample free parking available. If you would like to make changes to your life, then Tim is here to help. Tim is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Life Development Coach, offering person centred therapy. Tim utilises hypnotherapy in a calm, but very powerful way to get the right message to your unconscious mind of the changes required. Tim’s counselling therapy is for those who would prefer to talk through their issues.  Whatever the therapy, it is all done in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment. Tim Langhorn is also a qualified Life Coach, which is not therapy, rather a way to identify what it is you want to aim for in life, want you want to achieve and help you set realistic goals to get there.

Children’s Therapy and Mentoring

Tim Langhorn’s therapeutic work with children spans nearly four decades. Tim has a great deal of knowledge, experience and expertise helping and supporting children with a variety of issues. Tim has been counselling children and offering hypnotherapy for children in Bath for over ten years. With Tim’s experience of helping children he is able to gain a good rapport with children and young people, whatever their age and whatever their situation. Tim’s calm, non-judgemental and honest approach means children feel at ease with him quickly and able to open up in a safe and trusted environment. Whether counselling children or using hypnotherapy with children, Tim knows how important it is for you to feel the children’s therapist you choose is the right one for your child. Once you meet Tim you will be reassured you have come to the right place.

Help and Support

Whatever it is you’re looking for; counselling for children to deal with complex emotions or adult counselling to understand how you feel. Children’s hypnotherapy for anxiety or bed-wetting or hypnotherapy to help adults deal with stress or an unwanted habit. Whatever it is you would like to change or modify about your thoughts, behaviour or feelings, look no further, as help is at hand. Tim will meet with you at his consulting room in Bath, for a free initial consultation, with no obligation to continue, to discuss all your needs. Whether coaching or therapy, whether counselling or hypnotherapy, you will decide. Email Tim Langhorn through the contact form on this page or call Tim on Bath (01225) 317 813 to arrange your initial session or consultaion. For anyone wishing to find out more about hypnotherapy, the consultation is free.

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Tim Langhorn regularly monitors progress of the economy. When the financial news reports suggest there is less money to go round for the general public to spend, Tim will modify his prices accordingly. Click on the link for up to date prices for Tim’s services: Prices Update

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