About Tim Langhorn

About Tim Langhorn

Hypnotherapist, Counsellor & Life Coach

Therapy and Coaching Practice in the City of Bath

Tim Langhorn has been working in the City of Bath since 2006. Tim came to Bath from London, following a successful career spanning three decades. Tim worked in a variety of therapeutic environments, institutions and organisations. Tim decided the beautiful City of Bath was going to be his new home, so he set up the business he now has today.

Tim Langhorn started the business not long before we had a world recession. However, he persevered and held on to his  dream of being his own boss. Tim found various ways to advertise and get his name known.  So people did hear about Tim Langhorn and parents spoke with other parents about how he had helped their child. And because adults heard his radio advertising or saw his flyers the message got out there.

Tim Langhorn continues to find ways to reach as many people as he can. Because Tim knows that his support and help could make the difference to many more adults or children. People like him, who want to make changes that would  give them a more positive and rewarding future.

Professional Life of a Therapist

Tim Langhorn started his professional work as a therapist in a Family Centre in Norwich, at the tender age of twenty one. He worked with parent groups, toddlers, teenagers and truants. He mentored young offenders, adult offenders, young people in care and parents with troubled children. In London Tim worked in a number of children’s homes, assessment units, independent units. Tim helped relocate runaways in London’s Kings Cross. Tim’s career continued into education working in liaison with schools and parents, where issues of truancy or social exclusion were prevalent.

As time progressed, so Tim realised that getting more qualified in areas such as counselling or life coaching, would help his work. Because of that Tim Langhorn went on to work with various charities and organisations in more senior or managerial roles, like Parentline Plus and ChildLine.

So eventually Tim then decided to depart from role as the regional manager for London and the South East of England. He worked instead as an agency worker. Getting himself back working directly with his client group. A return to direct work with adults and children, for the such organisations as Barnardo’s and the NCH (later renamed Action for Children). So it was the beginning of his return to what he enjoys the most. Directly supporting and helping adults and children move away from their difficulties. Helping them cope with the challenges and hurt in their lives, to move toward a better quality of life.

Here to Offer Help, Support and Guidance

So Tim continues with his four freelance professional roles as a  clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor, life coach & children’s counselling therapist. However, Tim Langhorn also has worked with a few organisations and charities to widen his experience. To create a healthy balance and variety within his working week.

Tim Langhorn has supported a local secondary school, assisting a year seven autistic pupil integrate into mainstream school life. Tim has worked with the children’s charity Barnardo’s, on three different projects . This was as an advisor for parents regarding their children’s welfare and behaviour, a volunteer co-ordinator for children’s services and a family group conference coordinator.  Tim also continues to support vulnerable adults in with mental health issues, learning disabilities or alcohol or dependency.

They say variety is the spice of life. Well Tim certainly agrees. Tim Langhorn believes it enhances his ability to connect to the different people within the community. Because Tim considers this will make him a wiser and more experienced professional

Because in his spare time, Tim Langhorn volunteers as an emergency blood bike rider, fundraiser and liaison officer with a local charity called Freewheelers. Delivering vital specimens, medication, medical provisions, equipment and resources.

Tim Langhorn rides in wind and rain throughout the year, to ensure this vital life saving work continues to help the many thousands of NHS patients. People he never actually meets.

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Tim Langhorn – Bath Therapist

Dip. Clin. Hyp. Adv. Dip. Couns. Dip. Coach.

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Tim Langhorn - Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Life Coach & Children's Therapist in Bath BA23QU volunteering with Freewheelers
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