Session Information

Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Coaching

Tim Langhorn’s humanistic approach and his ongoing interaction with adults or children, from the first point of contact, to initial consultation or while in coaching or therapy, will guarantee the following:

  • Treat all clients with unconditional positive regard
  • Work within a framework of confidentiality
  • Care for and respect each individuals situation
  • Maintain a non-judgemental and objective attitude
  • Use an empathic, caring approach at all times
  • Aim to fully understand each persons needs
  • Create an environment of openness and honesty

Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Coaching list of prices:


Type of SessionPriceTimings (approx)
Initial ConsultationFree (when required)(60-90 minutes)
Hypnotherapy£55.00(60 minutes)
Smoking Cessation£140.00(130 minutes)
Counselling£45.00(60 minutes)
Couples Counselling£55.00(60 minutes)
Life Coaching£45.00(60 minutes)
Parent Coaching (x1)£45.00(60 minutes)
Parent Coaching (x2)£55.00(60 minutes)

Children & Young People

Type of SessionPriceTimings (approx)
Initial ConsultaionFree (when required)(45-60 minutes)
Hypnotherapy£45.00(45-60 minutes)
Counselling£40.00(45-60 minutes)
Life Coaching£40.00(45-60 minutes)

Confidentiality – is strictly adhered to, unless I assess a client is at risk of harm or the likelihood of harm to themself or others. This can be mentally, psychologically or physically. If so, I may have no option but to break confidentiality and disclose this information with the aim to protect the client or a third-party. The best interests, safety and well-being of all clients or any relevant third parties, will always be paramount.

Session information with Tim Langhorn - Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Life Coach & Children's Therapist in Bath BA23QU

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    Hypnotherapy & coaching sessions for children – can start from 5yrs old. A child under 16yrs will always have a parent present. Young people 16yrs+ can choose if they would prefer a parent in a session or part of a session.

    Counselling sessions for children – can start from 5yrs old. Parents are not usually present in these sessions. However, it can be mutually agreed with the child, parent and therapist that having the parent present in a session or part of a session, will be helpful to the overall process.

    Age consideration and understanding – of each child or young person’s ability to access these services constructively is taken into account, to ensure the appropriateness of any therapy or coaching offered or given.

    Intervention with children and young people – differs from that of adults insomuch that children and young people do not have the same freedoms, or have yet been empowered with the same responsibilities as their adult counterparts. In essence, once a young person reaches 18 years old, becoming an adult, they have more independence to make their own decisions and are no longer under the same care and protection as they were growing up. This is taken into account when any intervention takes place and the child or young person’s welfare and best interests will always be the prime focus.

    Children feeling comfortable – is always Tim’s first priority. Tim will do his best to ensure your child feel safe and comfortable. However, it can still be a tad daunting for children, especially the first few times they come. If so, your child is more than welcome to bring a comfort toy or blanket.

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