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The use of Hypnosis in Therapy – Hypnotherapy

The utilisation of hypnosis in therapy has been around a very long time. Sigmund Freud used it in his work back in the 19th century. Yet it is still surrounded by a certain amount of mysticism and myth. Many people who come to Tim Langhorn’s hypnotherapy consulting room in Bath, have only the understanding of what they have observed on the television or on stage by a hypnotist.

What we call the hypnotic state, is a natural phenomenon. It is otherwise referred to as ‘an altered state of consciousness.’ When you read a book and get involved in the story to the exclusion of all else or you daydream and let your mind take yourself on a journey deep inside your mind.  It is whenever you focus that thought to the exclusion of all else to the point where the rest of world carries on in the distance. You are, for that moment, distancing yourself from conscious reality. There you have it. That’s what we call an altered state of consciousness. That’s the hypnotic state, as natural as breathing.

A Hypnotherapist will help you utilise this state of mind

As a Hypnotherapist in Bath, utilising hypnotherapy Tim Langhorn will help you exploit that calm, relaxed and focussed state, in such a way to bring about positive change. The use of imagery, metaphors, suggestion, affirmations and therapeutic techniques can retrain the unconscious part of your mind to bring about the change you desire.

It maybe that at some stage of your life, your conscious mind told your unconscious mind that there was a need to have a fear or an anxiety about something. Like speaking in public, talking in groups, coming face to face with spiders, attending interviews, taking exams or many other treatable symptoms. And because you sent that message, your unconscious mind has been protecting you ever since from those situations or events, by releasing fear, anxiety or worry. Thus preventing you from taking part or getting into a panic. In fact, doing exactly what you programmed it to do. Then, because you react or respond that way, it reinforces the message over and over again. Convincing yourself and your inner mind it will always be an issue whenever your that situation arises in the future.

Tim Langhorn Hypnotherapy

As a hypnotherapist Tim Langhorn knows that your unconscious mind always has a positive intent to protect. That’s its job. Not to harm or create fear for any unnecessary reason. Only when it feels that there is a need from the very information it gets from you. And Tim Langhorn uses hypnotherapy to help you help yourself so you can change that information going to your unconscious and change the way you see things or do things.

Hypnotherapy Bath

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