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Worry, anxiety and fear are all part of being human. But what happens when they get out of control?

Anxiety is the most common reason people seek my help. Every person I meet, whatever their symptom or issue, experiences anxiety. Many people come to me with underlying worry, anxiety or fear. Anxiety can be your friend or foe. It can work with you or against you. Visit my blog page I Get Anxiety which explains anxiety, worry and fear in more detail and how anxiety can affect everyday life.

Anxiety is useful if we need to be on high alert. However, sometimes it’s unecessary

Hypnotherapist, Life Coach & Counsellor

I am a professional hypnotherapist, counsellor and life coach, working from my consulting room near central Bath. I offer adult hypnotherapy, children’s hypnotherapy and person centred counselling. As a qualified life coach, I can use this to compliment my work as a hypnotherapist and counsellor.

Hypnotherapy and counselling can help you manage your emotions, deal with unnecessary behaviour and alleviate anxiety. Everything I do, is in order to help you overcome those anxieties or behaviours.

I have been living and working in Bath for many years. My hypnotherapy and counselling work starts with children age five years and above. Like many therapists, I recognise anxiety is underlying many symptoms. As a hypnotherapist, it is the symptom I deal with the most. Anxiety can lead to other complications, such as unnecessary fears or obsessional behaviour.

Qualified and experienced Counselling Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Since 1982 I have been working therapeutically with children and adults, in a variety of settings.  I benefit from many years experience, using various techniques such as brief strategic therapy, family therapy, hypnotherapy and counselling. My experience has enabled me to develop and fine tune the therapy I offer from my practice in Bath.

As a hypnotherapist, I constantly meet people suffering from the affects of anxiety. The anxiety often interferes with their everyday lives. It can have a negative impact on work situations or social gatherings. The anxiety often underpins a habit, such as biting nails or grinding teeth. These unresolved emotions can cause stress. Which in turn can lead to an ever-deepening depressive state of mind.

With counselling or hypnotherapy, I help people understand their symptoms, then find new ways to overcome or manage them.

If you live or work in or near the City of Bath, why not call Tim to discuss how hypnotherapy or counselling could help you. Phone Bath (01225) 317 736, to arrange an initial session or consultation.

Therapy for Adults

My practice is in the City of Bath, just on the outskirts of the city centre. If you would like to make changes to your life, then I am here to help. You may just want to come along and discuss how hypnotherapy, counselling or life coaching, can help you. If you do, then I am happy for you to do so totally free of charge.

My utilisation of hypnotherapy is a calm, but very powerful way, to get the right message to your unconscious mind. The positive and protective messages which are needed for the changes required.

Any counselling therapy is for those who would prefer to talk through their issues.  Whatever the work undertaken or the therapy used. All is done in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment.

If it’s life coaching then, this is not therapy. Rather, a way to identify what it is you want to aim for in life. Your goals, your ambitions, the things you want to achieve. To then work on realistic steps to get there.

Children’s Therapy

My therapeutic work with children spans over four decades. I have a great deal of understanding, knowledge, experience and expertise. Thereby, able to help children with a variety of issues.

I am able to quickly build good rapport with children and gain their trust. Whatever their age or situation I am able to show children, they will be listened to, understood, respected and not judged in any way. I always aim for a calm, non-judgemental and honest approach.  Because of this, they are able to open up, knowing that they are in a safe environment to do so.

Whether counselling children or using hypnotherapy with children, I always involve parents each step of the way. I know how important it is for you to have faith in the children’s therapist you choose. Once you meet me, I have no doubt you will be reassured you have come to the right place.

Help and Support

I am here to help adults and children, deal with complex thoughts, emotions or behaviours. Being able to make sense of our thoughts and feelings is at the heart of all we do. There are many issues or symptoms which can be helped, treated or managed. Whatever the changes necessary to thoughts, behaviour or feelings, look no further.

If you are deciding on therapy for the first time, then I will meet with you at my consulting room in Bath. All your questions will be answered. There is no obligation to continue. Together we take one step at a time. Whether coaching, counselling or hypnotherapy, you will decide.

Tim Langhorn is looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Phone: (01225) 317 736    Email:  [email protected]

For anyone wishing to find out more about hypnotherapy, the consultation is free.

Contact me if you have any questions or like to arrange an Initial Session or Consultation

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