Wanting Help

Wanting Help, Support or Advice

Not everyone wants or needs the therapeutic process of counselling or a structured process such as life coaching. Each has its place and each has its time. But sometimes all people want, is a listening ear. Someone who can help them focus and make sense of what is going on. A person who has a experience of life and knows how to help people find the best way forward. Well that’s where Tim Langhorn can help, from his consulting room based in the City of Bath.

Wanting help

Maybe you have come to a crossroads in life or a work issue you need to discuss. You might have a personal concern or a relationship dilemma. Maybe you just want to talk. If so, look no further. Tim Langhorn is here to help, support and guide you. To help you consider your options. Understand the outcomes of any changes you need to make to your life. As well as to enable and empower you to make the changes, you want or need.

Tim works from his consulting room at his home in Bath. The room is airy and the seating comfortable. It is a place where you can speak freely and talk openly, about any subject. An environment where you can be safe to say whatever is on your mind. All the time knowing, you will not be judged or condemned for the way you think or feel about the topics discussed.

Wanting advice

Sometimes we want advice and guidance on everyday matters. Things which affect how we deal with certain situations or forthcoming events. Family or partners are often the first people we go to to help with the things which need resolve, concern or worry us. However, it could be that the family or our partner are part the issue or are unlikely to give us an objective view on things. Sometimes the dilemmas we face in life are about the people closest to us.

Wanting support

We all need support at times througout our lives. There is always a need to have someone to turn to in times of crisis. A shoulder to cry on when things don’t quite go the way we expected. The times when we just need to be listened to, understood and guided through a maize of emotional turmoil and confusion.

This can include help, support or advice with:

  • Relationships
  • Managing your future
  • Bullying at school, college, university or work
  • Daily stress
  • An unresolved issue or dilemma
  • Family issues
  • Concern over our health

Specialist help, support and advice

There are agencies and organisations which deal with and specialise in, certain aspects of everyday life. Tim Langhorn appreciates that there are of course, specialist places to go for help with in depth finance decisions, legal consultations, career choices etc. Tim Langhorn will suggest or recommend, when appropriate, any of these agencies or organisations if there is a need. However, sometimes people are just looking for something not so intense. Something a bit more natural and down to earth. A place and a person to speak with, who will be like a guide, mentor and adviser regarding the things you want to discuss.

Tim Langhorn offers people, living, working, studying or visiting the City of Bath, a chance to chat over everyday things. As we so often do with family or friends. Except, with the added bonus of objectivity, non bias, a neutral standpoint, complete attention, total confidentiality and a non-judgemental attitude. However complex or confusing they may seem to you. Whatever the topic or issue, Tim Langhorn will help you begin to makes sense of these. He will support you to find a way forward, and guide you step by step, to a place more suited to your current needs and requirements.


It always seems impossible until it’s done.

                                                                        Nelson Mandela

Wanting Help in Bath for adults and children

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    Tim Langhorn based in the City of Bath has been helping, supporting, advising and guiding people for many decades. Tim is here to help, support and guide you through life’s maze of decisions, issues, events and uncertainties.

    Help through life's maze