Counselling Bath

Person centred counselling for adults

Tim Langhorn offers adult counselling therapy from his consultation room in Bath. This being utilised for emotional well-being and managing unwanted or unnecessary thoughts and feelings. Tim is trained in Rogerian Person Centred Counselling. He has been working therapeutically in a professional capacity with adults since 1982. Thereby counselling adults from a variety of backgrounds and with people experiencing all manner of issues or difficulty.

Tim offers a counselling service in Bath, which aims to support an understanding of a current situation. As well as accepting that people do have choices in the way they feel. This is psychodynamic counselling therapy. The techniques and skills used, enable exploration of issues which are causing concern or distress.

What he can do for you

Tim’s counselling skills and counselling techniques (which have gained him a professional reputation in Bath) will support you in your desire to improve your life and give you choices that you may not realise you have.

These issues may be such as:

  • Grief or trauma over a relationship or situation
  • Obsessive thoughts over people or events
  • Loss of a loved one or pet
  • Constant anger or frustration
  • Low self esteem or self worth
  • A relationship breakdown
  • Life getting you down or depressed
  • Feeling sad, lonely or desperate
  • Questions or dilemmas from the past
  • Work life causing you stress or getting you down

Dealing with feelings and emotions

You may just have feelings you do not want or do not understand. Your head maybe full of conflicting thoughts. There can sometimes be a battle in your inner unconscious mind over events or situations. Whatever is going on for you, however big or small, counselling can help you deal with any of these thoughts or feelings. It is possible these feelings have always been there. It might be a more recent way of thinking or feeling. Either way, the counselling service Tim Langhorn provides, will help you understand and deal with whatever it is you have on your mind.

At times you will find solace and  support from family or friends. After all they know you and to a degree will understand you. They will be  kind, sympathetic and have your best interests at heart. However, they may not be able to stay objective, because how well they know you. And it’s not always sympathy you need. Sometimes you need someone like Tim, who is able to listen objectively, without emotional interference and be able to stay fully focussed and non-judgemental at all times. That’s the difference between people close to you and a professional counselling therapist, such as Tim Langhorn.

Counselling for Men & Women

Tim Langhorn recognises that counselling men and women can be very different. Just having a conversation between men and women can be challenging. That old adage ‘Men are from Mars, women from Venus’, says it all to some degree. We are not of course from differing planets. But right from the start boy’s and girls are often treated differently, think differently, engage in conversations and use their emotions differently.

As a therapist or private individual, Tim would never want to stereotype men or women. He works with each person in a totally unique and individualistic way. It is often said that men struggle to get in touch with their feelings or know what to do with them when they do. Some might say that women get overly emotional or talk about their feelings too openly. Well Tim Langhorn doesn’t quite look at it like that. As a man Tim is totally unique compared to many other men he knows or has contact with. He does talk about feelings and is in touch with his emotional side. Tim also knows plenty of women who are just as closed off from their feelings as some men he has met. So it is definitely not one size fits all with gender.

Suffice to say that we all come in various sizes, shapes and personalities. We all have feelings and we all have emotions. At the end of the day, it’s just how we are able to allow them to maximise our mental well-being which matters. There is no right or wrong way for men or women to use or manage their emotional state of being. We are all just different. And it’s that difference which makes it such a wonderful world to live in. It is also that difference, which makes Tim Langhorns life as a counselling therapist, such an interesting and worthwhile profession.

Counselling Bath

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